© copyright 1996-2009 by Michael G. Breece

And so...

She stepped outside and found a crumpled piece of paper on her front lawn. She unravelled the sheet and it read...

And then there was one...   

She sat on the edge of the bed, smoking her last cigarette. "Why don't you get your ass dressed and...just… Get up, god Damn it! Go to the liquor store and get me a pack of fucking cigarettes, FUCK!" It's 1:32 in the A.M. I believe that I'll take a drive downtown for awhile before heading back home. I haven't decided on whether or not to get dressed, however.


We’re gonna to wait until our parents die, then take the inheritence to Vegas, we’re gonna strike it rich, then eat at fancy restaurants tipping the dishwashers along the way.

And she

Over by the sink, the markings of a madwoman. A bloodied knife and some pills. Look, over there! By the sink, the markings of a madwoman. The knife was a gift from my parents, they never would accept our love. The pills, I am unaware of their origins. But, the knife, it was a gift from my parents. I believe there was music playing in the foreground of our lives at that particular moment. It was the fifth of a forgotten symphony by the lost one.

What does this mean

A man lifted weights alone in his basement. He was bench pressing 200 pounds. He had become fatigued by the 8th repitition. The bar slowly began to lower toward his throat. Could it have been, the death of a young man? No, only a bruised ego would come of this. For he was able to place one half of the bar over to the side of him and quickly move just as the 200 pounds came crashing down on where his life was.

And then

Everytime he would try and call out her name, no one would answer back. He had forgotten that she had been dead for 5 years.

Moments of clarity

There she sits, waiting for the moment to become clear. As dusk approaches and objects turn to shadow. Following the footsteps from the lands end. I saw at the edge, a body with the expression of a monk.

Once upon a time

I beat a crack dealer down with a dildo. No joke. Was the oddest fucking day of my life. You can underestimate me all you'd like. However, you're only fooling yourself.

The dream of ants...


I went back to the fields to say goodbye to my laundry
The train could be heard closer and closer the sound is near
Up where the church bell sings is where it all began
She fell from heights known only to her
The remains everyone in town is still in search of.


And the queen laughed while her ego was flying around the room
Mirrors were not broken but we all knew what was next
Tempers flared to resemble a meeting of innocence
Bad habits were to ruin his condition of desolation and dreams
Whereas the majority without crowns were to fall or so it would seem


And thusly came the fires which burnt our family and home
She really didn't mind for there wasn't room for such empathy
And so it began her states of execution
Just as the train came near one last step to find a pair of pants
Became the first step of her life with the ants


Who were in power again
And all that once was is now
But a dream of a favorable party with her leaving
I've since come to find
That we are now closer than we were before

Never take your youth for granted 2004

Standing in the rain, in a driveway not her own, apples fall through the bottom of a paper sack and roll out onto the street just as a car approaches. The car swerves suddenly to avoid the apples before driving into a mailbox. The old lady gathers the fruit into her coat pocket before returning home.

Life 2004

I awake from three hours sleep, outside is clouded, there is a woman overflowing from her tight clothes on the television, she is loud, she spins the wheel, yet again, only to immediately forget the first, she wins...this is life.

Warehouse 2004

When working at a warehouse, during the latter half of a second shift, while everyone had long since hunkered into their tedious tasks…an anonymous worker cried out “SOMEBODY KILL ME!”

All is white Sunday, November 16th, 2003 12:21 pm

Socks in the dresser drawer, which remains open. You left a message on the answering machine the other day, I couldn't get myself to listen. If only these machines weren't digital, the power went out and I lost the damned thing. Last night I watched myself on video, frightening what I've become.

StopWatch Saturday, November 15th, 2003 8:23 am

You sit on the pavement, taken out of the picture. The clock runs out just before you figure yourself still. Windy evening blows, silent.

The last thing I remembered Wednesday, November 12th, 2003 10:52 am

After Larry and I moved all of my items from the apartment, I pissed a nice thick dark yellow in the extra bathroom. As we left, I jumped as hard as I could up and down on the living room floor. That one went out to that rancid fucking neighbor below.

5:53am and I am not yet sleeping 12/23/99 5:53 am

Over your shoulder, the time is much closer to the moment of solution. By the way of that expression on your face, I see that you do not care about what it is that hope is thinking. Work does not exist but only for the blind. Nevertheless, I shall be closer to the point of no return and you will not follow. Still, I can not help but wonder...What was the name of that actor who played the part of my struggle to regain dignity in the midst of ongoing retribution?

Another 3/3/00 1:43 am

We have all felt the pain of losing to another. Just when we think that we have been found. The other has been…by another.

Apartment 11/4/99 10:33 pm

Maybe it was in a parallel universe or just some trash bin over by the refrigerator. The fear of one's own voice permeating above. With one fair swoop, all is kept at bay. At least it is in it's proper container.

Blueprint 8/5/00 9:37 pm

Sitting in the shower with water lightly touching down upon my nakedness. Thoughts of a past lover being filled by another dominate my mind. Maybe if... when... how... never again... One day, I was walking the streets at 11pm in the safe suburban oasis of my parents dream. And…I came across an aborted foetus. This afterbirthofanation could only speak of the time that me and you should have made love to more than one thought at a time. So, here I am... sitting in the shower... as the water gently sprinkles down upon my body as though I’m washed up on a shore. Freedom.

Broken 3/3/00 1:30 am
Here I sit, like an eggshell tossed aside, never to be thought of, broken.
The clown with the tear in his eye 3/3/00 1:38 am

I must have done something truly horrendous at some point in my life, for I can never quite figure out what I’ve done to deserve such laughter.
1/2/99 1:19 am (c) copyright 1999 (1)

The finished failing of a foul bone became the nutrients when everything was frozen. Led by an ink filled jet of left feet, she was never quite the way he was even though he was she. Do not follow into the light of darkness.
(c) copyright 1999 (2) 1/4/99 11:44 am

Nothing to say, except…for a story about a naked woman who became trapped in a phone booth. She missed her flight, after-all.

(c) copyright (3) 2/3/99 1:43 am

Too though sand minute nest and a loss to the picnic time. The shrunken head speaks no more. 13 years from a heart attack, 3 years from lung cancer.
(c) copyright (4 & 5) 2/3/99 1:52 am

(4) When the disease remains nameless, the blood becomes lost, like the thought of the unborn, their measurements of time are forgotten, his health has yet to fade, but…

(5) Over by the trash-can sleeps societies gold plated charge cards, where do you sleep? And when?
Dead fish wrapped in soiled aprons 5/12/99 3:48 pm

Digital kaleidoscope of filtered dreams passed along side dead fish wrapped in soiled aprons. Photographic thoughts plastered against hypnotic symphonies of the ones from other life-forms into something new.
Don't smell anything yet 2/21/99 1:53 am

This come frame believe see warning. Last stolen homes risk hold what grew dream town. Hate happy brother get paintings on list. Take half how moment touch silence. Intrude invite soul ice. Then crime detective rated germs soft fibers help trap hands. Message watching two are pregnant afraid target. Look at the melting car.
Doris explains breathing 2/14/99 1:27 am

Jumping wait you sit look no birthday open left cab rusted abandoned. Find gone think I this so fragile told afraid feed ground wrong do. Driving answer decided where expect not here help toll back why booth know drive. Marry vice jack heavy tourist quiet work. Open 24 hours a day.
How laughter heals view child spiritual 2/3/99 2:11 am

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New Year’s Eve  5/17/99 10:03 am

Drinking supermarket champagne with clubbed crackers, hypnotic glow of a television, I smell smoke.
Dusk 8/10/00 4:34 pm

Found in foetal position surrounded by a choir of ghosts unleashed from my bleeding ears. The sounds of a possibility as yet seen struggle to penetrate my being. Unsure of what the voices want I stand to my feet and begin my journey. Out into the distance of a chilly September evenings air I am blinded by the wavering sounds. I can feel the presence of the one who found me but I can no longer speak a known language. For I am captured in a state of dusk.
False teeth responsible 9/17/00 9:51 pm

Photographs of names sounded by table rust and sour sponges. Balls of soiled fabric used in a child’s costume. Friday, September 8, 2000 at 1:01pm a friend from my past shot himself in the head and died alone in his bedroom. I wasn't sure if I should go to the wake, so, I went back to sleep instead. We were never that close.
Fame 2/11/99 6:09 pm

There was a thought but, the thought could not be a thought therefore, it belonged to someone else who, in turn, sold this thought for a chance encounter with a lock of Marilyn Monroe's hair.
Finding  the it 8/13/00 3:44 am

Between the plastic caress and a gentle smack across the lips. Sounds written upon a full moon known as you. Can they see this whisper issued from lost promises of something known only to those who could never believe in such a forgotten title?
In through the out 2/3/00 12:11 pm

From 6p.m. to 3a.m. we worked feverishly through the cold night air. You had packed a few things and would stay the weekend at either your mothers or sisters house. I once received a spoon from a restaurant from you because of my expertise at calling out the truth. And now that expertise was at work with us. It is over. One week anniversary, there have been no words, no sights, no sounds. Only silence and the energy that has been percolating for years. And... why is it... that...I am always…entering…through the exit...

With weight-loss forever 2/3/99 2:00 am

The century plaza hotel two Nancy perfume movies Elvis thinks intended back straightened Rushmore. Support clash overwhelming booked world suite there happy Domingo antique carol slick preachy. People today like this king of thing. Wonderful ridiculous seems like dress agenda wall before tear right contract bold dear communism. I will pay you money to stop talking.
When nothing is not a poem 3/3/00 11:11 am

The memory of you, for I must forget, like acid, it will swallow me whole. And though I was merely in jest, until another has filled you, one must place the vanity of man into the sullen opening of creation.
Sought 9/20/99 8:04 pm

Is the tongue that binds…
The laugh that hides...
The memory that finds...
The air that confides...
Nothing but all...
Invisible thoughts cloud...
Always to fall...
He stuttered aloud…
Job 11/4/99 10:31 pm

Yet another 28 minutes of my life wasted on this begging to be someone’s slave. Desperation bounces around the walls of my mind. Only, I am far too tired to re-act. No revolutions today. For this is the day of Sleep. The VCR projects images and sounds, in stereo, onto the television set. Washing away the days events, I drift off amidst a video cassette of rain falling down on pavement.
A mind exploded on the winters eve of he 6/6/99 1:34 am

A mind exploded on the winters eve of her death. Snake bitten and shivering, his eyes glazed. The light pierces his only thought, which has now passed. Impure and empty are the remains. Across the shimmering waters is where he will find the missing fragments should the choice become intertwined with time that stops for no fool. His pathetic soul is the cost, for time stops the fool.
He, the nomad, will glide through the air. Touching down, the waves that roll underneath no longer encompass the fragments of her being. Now, he encompass' all.
Moving 11/4/99 10:38 pm

Pass the cup of milk. Watch the sparrow fly into that window. Call the paramedics if you have the impression that nothing or no-one was hurt. Otherwise, suffer... Suffer the consequences of knowing the truth of it's existence. Absorb all that once was... In one fair swoop, you will fail to understand the lack of meaning that permeates the air around us. There is nothing like the smell of accented failures of truth... Wouldn't you agree? 

Murky... 9/6/00 7:18 pm

is the mind that believes in justice...
the toes whom have yet to be stubbed...
the eye that hasn't been poked...
murky is the forgetting of telephone numbers...
the days without sleep...
the body breaking down...
the food yet to be eaten...
murky is just that...
when time forgets you...
and friends have passed...
the thief of hearts and the loss of love at the hands of an illness as yet spoken...
murky is...

After reading this, masturbate to the thought of me masturbating at the thought of you.
Now, is the time 2/3/00 12:17 pm

But, I am not here.
On a personal note 12/21/99 5:43 pm

Life is causing severe damage to my well-being. It seems that nothing is working for the betterment of my existence. I feel as though I am losing the battle. I know nothing else but to continue, but at times I wish I were more brave than this. Fuck it. Maybe I will simply go back to sleep and dream of something more exciting.
Pigs 3/26/01 5:25 pm

From The Gates Of My Anal Canal
All Running From The Past
Never Knowing How Or When
Party People
Join The March Of The Incompetent


They Are Said To Have The Intelligence Of A 3-6 Year Old Human Being
However Some Find Them To Be Quite Tasty
I Wonder How Tasty Their 3-6 Year Old Sons And/Or Daughters Are
Poem 9/8/00 1:58 am

I do hope that we have made the correct decision. If only one could view the span of each and every life that they come into contact with in relation to their own. Should we have continued further along the story or was it always meant to be a poem. A few lines in a life, a page, a chapter or novel. Many of us believe that we can somehow see the future through the past and present. But, does one ever truly comprehend the meaning of a singular poem?
Parts: 1,2,3 & 4 11/4/99 10:43 pm

(part 1)

The thunderous blows taken by the old man from 5c was tremendous. How can he ever urinate again? How, I hope to say...but, actually mutter something to the effect of “how can I not understand his urination of words again?” Does anything make sense.

(part 2)

Laughing as sports scroll down the television screen. A lone tear is seen through it all. Pass the buck. Move the library closer to the liquor store. Stop the dead end from being monotonous. And spend your time calling out for riches. The kind of riches that you will never have the opportunity to spit at. Like the row of pearls on a sagging neck. Or a simple money clip that remains in tact in an old man's filthy right hand pocket of his spun trousers. You, the non-believer. Non-believer of truths untold, yet known to all.

(part 3)

The department of agriculture has issued the warning that eating corn can lead to extreme paranoia. Heed the warning, for I am a strict vegetarian and you are not. Can the corn be husked into believing the un-believable or are the kernels IQ scores far too high to comprehend.

(part 4)

I would run you through my dreams. Fortunately, I rarely ever remember my dreams. Thus, they become my reality.
Power 11/4/99 10:35 pm

The lustful design of manipulation, the remote control! Regain all power lost by the superior greed, the need can be clinched! Punch the numbers, signs, words, The Power! Is in your hands, can you grasp it?

Pulling in the emptiness of time 2/9/99 2:17 am

Carry so then talks and thief thing. Be just cow troubles away you dream feet may give because, Saturday legacy Lorraine choose sauce wonder city seems father Germany. Seen destiny visions wine iron ore attraction to mind. Southern ancient corpse shutter beauty from skies you. Went house dealing so idea with there everywhere flannel. Channel pet has and knows chic with here brain near and plain rendezvous speeding. Paper eye clip band-aid trombone lips. And had mind on realize eye find. But sight me on though little ask darling dead just now plum dark was second hit. Awake bright center whole past surround lie strapped table appears operating. Look that of prodding powerless why. Only muscle speak tear flesh expecting to see instead only ashes spilling out. The entire room coughs and sneezes.

Spring 5/11/00 8:51 pm

Bitching and moaning, is that too much to ask? For a little bitching and moaning in the bedroom? I suppose so.

I shall take one of those water machine guns and help finish the jobs that the beautiful people fake. With the women in small tube tops.  What they need is a nice dousing of water squirted all over that top to reveal what they really wanted to reveal but lack the nerve, their tits! And for the men in nothing but shorts, what they need is water squirted all over those mini sized pants to reveal what they really wanted to reveal but lack the nerve, their dicks! And all those folks can truly run around naked as they all wish.

While I will stay inside in the cool air conditioning and my computer and listen to Varese at full blast in a darkened bedroom laughing in a hysterical fashion,  occasionally pausing to masturbate at the sight of some lovely plump brunette that walks outside this window pane.
Yes, that’s hilarious 12/19/00 3:41 pm

The funny thing about right and wrong is that people do not seem to understand that everything is nothing more than mere opinion. Such is the arrogance of humankind.

The thrill is gone 9/27/00 1:59 am

I haven't stolen anything in 10 years when, for a lark, I put .50 cent shirt on underneath the one I was wearing in a thrift store dressing room. Which was the one and only time (and last, mind you) that I’ve stolen as an adult. However, as a child, I was quite the thief. Must’ve stolen well over a hundred dollars (1970’s dollars) worth of Star Wars action figures as a wee lad by ripping out a hole just small enough in the pockets on each side of my jacket to stuff the figures up into the jacket, like magic they are nowhere to be found. My days as a thief are done, for I learned my lesson - which is that they were too stupid to catch me, so what's the point. The thrill was gone.

The wonders one can find 9/8/00 1:34 am

The sound of breaking glass echoes throughout the dream of us naked in a pool of your blood making love as the snow falls down upon the streets and paves this memory with pale skin and semen. I do have fond memories of such brief moments. Such as the time that I slipped your jeans off and raised your shirt, the look on your face as I penetrated you for the first time.
The zinc solution 5/4/99 2:40 pm

Strolling through the closet, one found a glimpse of floral delights. There was a light the size of the head of a pen. One looks into the light to find another peering at them.
There was 9/22/99 2:04 am

Never a memory so bright as the one where I dropped some fat boy with a single body shot.

Thursday, August 13, 1998 6/6/99 1:30 am

The earth did not swallow me whole yesterday; i am struggli o l ve a li e th t nev r ex st d; no ; it s too late f r ex stence; 22 x 5 + 54 omnipotent acid, violins, creature, my lies weigh heavy as I write this. I will be mired forevermore.

Wax teeth 3/12/01 4:49 pm

The wax became dim as the night faded into the head of a chicken. The plastic thoughts of tomorrows laundry never did interest the book of dreams, however there once was a dry wall that could only speak of the look on the face of a woman having her wisdom teeth removed. Fetishized water skipped through the  corn field, for the day has finally begun.

Washer and dryer 8/20/99 2:42 pm

She walks her apartment naked.